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St. Thomas' Boys' School - Kidderpore

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Secretary's Desk

I take this opportunity to welcome you, and your child back to St. Thomas' Boys' School for another academic year. For those who are new to our school community, I would like to extend a special welcome. The Year ahead will be filled with many challenges and exciting opportunities for you as parents, we as teachers, and for the students.


St Thomas' School is a kindergarten to higher secondary school for boys located in Kidderpore, India. It has one of the largest campus areas in the city of Kolkata comprising of three football size fields, two basketball courts and children's playgrounds. The campus also houses the St. Thomas' College of Engineering and


About Our Faculty

ST. THOMAS' School Technical Department

In 1956 when the school became Multi-purpose, Science, Humanities and the Technical Department was introduced. It was established opposite to the science block and till today is known as the “OLD TECHNICAL BLOCK”. It expanded developing itself into an important limb of the school adopting growth with change the department saw the need for expansion. In 1977 in collaboration with E Z E as a development partner the Technical Department...

School Campus


Three large playgrounds, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Computer Laboratories, Two Libraries, Canteen, Church, Music Room, Outdoor Stage, Basketball Court, Cricket Pitch, Hostel (two dormitories-Senior & Junior), Gym.

Any Special Feature To Be Mentioned

The School has a Technical Training Centre offering Vocational courses like A/c & Refrigeration, Welding, Computer Hardware & Networking to underprivileged students.