ST. THomas' School Technical Department

In 1956 when the school became Multi-purpose, Science, Humanities and the Technical Department was introduced. It was established opposite to the science block and till today is known as the “OLD TECHNICAL BLOCK”. It expanded developing itself into an important limb of the school adopting growth with change the department saw the need for expansion. In 1977 in collaboration with E Z E as a development partner the Technical Department was established as the “NEW TECHNICAL PROJECT” in the “JOHN SIROMANI BLOCK” to where it stands today.


There have been many changes in the pattern of education with the changing needs. The staff are qualified in their own fields.

At present in the Technical Training Center under ST. Thomas’ Boys’ School the following technical training courses are conducted:


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Course (Affiliated to Jadavpur University)

1 year

Electric arc Welding

6 month

Gas Welding and Gas cutting 6 month
TIG welding 1 month
Computer hardware (affiliated to the Jadavpur University) 6 month
Networking. (affiliated to the Jadavpur University) 4 month
Fitter 6 month
Turner 6 month
MIG/MAG ( CO2 Welding)

2 week

Furthermore, additional work is done by the Technical Training Centre:

Carpentry department is engaged in repair work for both the Boys’ School and Girls’ School. Welding department is also engaged in all steel fabrication related works as well as making new grill gates etc for the school. The AC and Refrigeration department under-takes the work of maintaining the Air-conditioners, water-coolers and Refrigerators of the school. The fitter and Turner students also undertakes live projects in the Training and Orientation Workshop.

These live project works have helped the Technical School trainees remarkably as they are now able to work on live projects, thus enriching their knowledge.

All the students of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration courses are placed in their respective professional fields while the Computer and Welding students are suitably placed in India and abroad.